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Benefits of Water & Other Nature Sounds

Why does the flowing water seem to have such a strong and popular drowning effect?


Many people swear to fall asleep and stay in the country because it sounds watery, but why does it sound so much like water?

Part of the answer lies in how our brains interpret the sounds we hear when we wake up in the middle of the night, as a threat or not.

This can hardly be ignored, and part of it is how the brain processes sound and how it interacts with sound.


It is said that slow, rustling noise is the sound of a non-threat and is intended to calm people down. We tune in to the sound of waves splashing across the land, not the waves themselves, but the sounds of the water.


It is not surprising that ocean waves are popular as a calming sleep sound and for many people the rhythmic effect of water, sand and rocks can be quite calming. The frequency and intensity of the ocean waves are very similar to the sounds of wind, water and rain, but for some people the sound of waves can also be very relaxing and create a sense of calm and serenity after a storm or other natural event.



For this reason, the sound of the sea waves can be a very important part of the daily life of many people.


The ocean has a calming effect on the mind and puts it in a meditative state. Since the sound of the sea view is easy for the brain to process, it creates a soft focus while we focus on breathing, yoga or mindfulness practice.



For many people, the rhythmic effects of water, sand and rocks can be very calming, and the sound of waves can also be deeply relaxing, which produces a calming effect on the brain and a sense of calm.



Another sound recommended for sleep is the Rain Sound, a rhythmic ticking that sounds like a wonderful lullaby and can help people fall asleep quickly.


Studies have shown that the brain unconsciously relaxes and produces alpha waves that come very close to a "brain-less" state when a person is asleep. Hearing rain does so in the same way as listening to music, but in a different way and with a slightly different sound.



This is due to the presence of alpha waves in the frontal lobe, a part of the frontal lobe, and to a different type of brain activity.


Rain also provides relaxation, calm, healing, comfort and revitalization; it is meditative and helps you to concentrate and sleep.

Listen to Mind Relax Mastery Water & Rain Deep Sleep Sounds

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