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Align Yourself

Daily Reminder: Your Life is exactly what you want it to be... if you wanted it to be different... It Would Be Different. Stop Complaining About Life Start Doing It!

Greetings from Toronto Svetlana here,

"The beginning of another month is a great opportunity to tidy things up. The present energy urges you to bring new motivation into your life for the impending month. Invest some energy zeroing in on what you have arranged, what you'd prefer to achieve, and how you desire to feel. Clean up your space, make a plan for the day, and deal with yourself. By setting aside the effort to recognize our expectations for the month, you are adjusting your energy to what you'd prefer to achieve."

Chakra Healing: "Purify your whole chakra framework. This training ought to be done week by week, however, the beginning of the month is an extraordinary opportunity to do as such in the event that you haven't in some time. This will guarantee you start the month adjusted, focused, and adjusted."

Take an agreeable, situated position and shut your eyes. Take three profound breathes in and breathe out. Start to see the vibe of your root chakra at the foundation of your spine. Inhale into this space. Feel the energy moving vertically to your sacral chakra just underneath your navel. Inhale into this space. Presently the energy moves towards your sunlight-based plexus chakra, simply over the navel. Inhale into this space.

The energy keeps on moving vertically to your heart place. Inhale into this space. Presently, the energy moves to your throat chakra. Inhale into this space. You feel the shiver of your third eye becoming actuated as the energy comes to here. Inhale into this space. At the extreme top, you feel the energy travel through your crown chakra and stream up. Inhale into this space.

You've presently purified and adjusted your whole chakra framework. Partake in the impression of being completely adjusted today.

Today’s positive affirmation

"I set the tone for the month by aligning my energy with my intentions today."

To Your Amazing Life Svetlana from Mind Relax Mastery


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